With a properly installed and enabled Java runtime, when you next visit a Web site that contains a Java applet, then Safari will present you with a small plug-in notice that says “Inactive Plug-in” with a small arrow next to it

First of all, organizations are often unaware of the security implications of not patching their software. Second, if software that an organization depends on was written using older versions of Java, upgrading Java may cripple or altogether disable that software.

Third, many users aren’t aware that Web browsers are configured with Java plug-ins enabled, which makes them susceptible to drive-by malware attacks targeting older versions of Java. This happens with Flashback. (Java shouldn’t be confused with JavaScript, an unrelated language used to program websites.)

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"Developer hard truth No. 1: It’s all just if-then-else statements
Language designers argue about closures, typing, and amazing abstractions, but in the end, it’s just clever packaging wrapped around good, old if-then-else statements."

(Source: javaworld.com)